Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Keirin Cycles R.I.P.

It's a sad day for the cycling community down here in Miami. I've just been informed that the great Keirin Cycles is no longer open for business. After being in service for a little over a year, they unfortunately have closed indefinitely, which is terrible news since I've always supported them from the beginning. They were the only shop in Miami where one could come into, drink a beer while Nick, Thomas or Fabian worked on your bike (without charging you labor if you were cool enough with the boys), watch videos and talk cycling shit for hours on end. They stocked quality frames and accessories, had the most knowledgeable staff in Florida and put together a slew of unforgettable events. It was definitely the hub for all fixed gear/track riders in South Florida and it will be dearly missed from deep within. It was the only shop of it's kind here in Miami and I doubt there will ever be another. Here's to Nick and Thomas for all the hard work they've accomplished. When I see you guys, first round is on me!