Thursday, August 19, 2010

Archival Thursdays: DJ Food - Jazz Brakes vol.4 (1993)

DJ Food is the alias of several people, not just one single person as it's commonly assumed. The core members consist of Strictly Kev, Matt Black and Jonathan Moore (aka Coldcut), all products of the legendary UK based Ninja Tune label, but there are a few other collaborators from time to time as well. They've been known to produce bottom heavy beats within many genres and are experts in mixing records and creating seamless mix-sets on the fly. These are professional beat conductors and true turntablists at heart. 'Jazz Brakes vol.4' was one of the earlier records and is chock full of blunted out beats and smooth samples with elements of hip-hop scattered throughout. Be sure to check out my personal favorites "Sunvibes" and "Living beats" as well as the rest of the LP which will surely gain your seal of approval.

I bought this release about 7 years ago on eBay from some dude in France. Also, be sure to check out some great DJ Food mix-sets available for download here.