Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cinelli Mash Histogram

Two months back during the Tour Of California, Mash held an exhibition at Project Space in L.A. The installations were photo's of last years Tour Of California which the Mash crew participated in. To commemorate this, Cinelli, along with the Mash boys, produced the Cinelli Mash Histogram frame-set to go along with the installations. There are only three of these beauties in existence, which are exactly the same in colorway, just different sizes. According to Mash, "the finished product is produced with a 2010 Columbus/Cinelli/MASH frame-set, with powder coat, matte clear coat, fine die-cuts." It's truly a beautiful piece, I wouldn't even want to ride it! Check out some photos and recap of the exhibit here.

Just the other day this highly coveted, limited frame-set popped up on eBay, fully built up and complete with a starting bid of $2,500 and a 'Buy it now' price of $4,000. It's a size 55cm and comes strapped with some pretty decent parts, though I would definitely modify a few. There are no bids yet, shit I wish I had money to just throw around, but it can be yours by clicking here! Go ahead, live dangerously! Below are some photos of the Cinelli Mash Histogram that is up for auction.