Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chasing Legends

The Tour de France is the one of the most brutal, punishing events in sports history and the oldest race to date, going back to 1903. These guys endure 120+ miles a day for three weeks non-stop along the beautiful roads and mountains of Northern Europe. This years Tour de France was seriously entertaining and I still believe that it was Andy Schleck's race until his chain popped and Alberto Contador attacked relentlessly on the poor man. There were controversies, wrecks, fights, horrible weather at times, and the craziest of spectators almost killing the riders by getting in the path of the race, making it a grand spectacle.

Gripped Films just recently released a dvd titled Chasing Legends, an in-depth look into the cyclists and people of the Tour de France. It covers all aspects of the legendary race as well as professional cycling as we know it. It features masters such as Eddy Merckx, Mark Cavendish, Lance Armstrong, Phil Ligett and many more. For more info and trailers hit up the official website here. Check out the main trailer below.