Friday, August 6, 2010

Twelve Ounce Prophet

Twelve Ounce Prophet will always be known for their high quality publications they produced in the 1990's into early 2000. I remember saying "holy shiiit" the first time I flipped through the pages. See, during those times they were the benchmark of all graff magazines and one could tell by the layout and design that there was a great amount of time and attention to detail laid out right in front of you. Well known artists such as Cody Hudson, Barry Mcgee and Cope were contributing their skills and flair as well as many well known others. Their connections in the art world were becoming more and more legit and then all of a sudden, they stopped the press and discontinued their wonderful creation and started doing mail-order, selling all types of graff supplies, accessories, clothes and videos. They also launched their website which is the hub for anything graff related on the internet, with their forums and blogs.

These days Allen Benedikt, creator of 12oz, runs AKA Studios in downtown NYC which is primarily used for photo shoots and events. 12oz also just launched their new webstore this week which has been closed for a few months, maybe even years. He's also been releasing a few graff related books, but unfortunately no more of that sweet, colorful publication that everybody knew and loved. Long live the Prophet!